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Heiltsuk Fisheries

'Heiltsuk Black Cod Hook Reproduction'
by Brenda Guild Gillespie

Program Goal

The goal of the Heiltsuk Fisheries Program (HFP) is to manage all fisheries to assure the long-term survival of all fisheries resources within the Heiltsuk Territory.

The HFP Aboriginal Fisheries Guardians monitor fishing and all related activities, within the Heiltsuk Territory. These activities include boat patrols, habitat assessment, stream evaluations; populations surveys and report writing.

Port Sampling

The HFP also conducts a Port Sampling Project during the commercial salmon season. All work for this project is conducted at the Bella Bella Fish Plant. The catch is sampled to collect hatchery clipped or tagged fish. These fish are sized, weighed and scale sampled.

PSP Monitoring

The program conducts Paralytic Shellfish poisoning monitoring throughout the year. Samples are collected on a regular basis and are sent to the Shellfish Inspection Branch in Burnaby B.C. for analysis.

Marine Population Surveys

The HFP conducts Red Sea Urchin, Sea Cucumber, Abalone and Manila Clam population surveys. These surveys assess food fish harvest and commercial harvest quotas. The HFP works in cooperation with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans as well as the commercial fishing industry conducting these surveys.

Adult Enumeration

The Heiltsuk Fisheries Technicians carry out stream walks and maintain two counting fences to help enumerate adult salmon. In addition the program operates the Mclaughlin Bay Hatchery and two smaller satellite hatcheries. All of these hatcheries have very successful results.

Administration Staff

Fisheries Biologist
Barry MacPhee

The Heiltsuk Fisheries program has a staff of six full-time and four part-time employees. The full-time staff includes the Director/Biologist, shellfish Biologist, two Fisheries Guardians, a Fisheries Technician and an Office Administrator.

The part-time staff consists of two Fisheries Technicians and two summer students.